About Femme Vitale

I have a lot of questions. Questions about how to live the life I’ve been given and how to live it well- within my historical context, within my geographic place, and as a woman.

Thank you for joining me on my journey to not only explore some of the questions I have, but to hope for, and demand even, a more just society for all its members.

I think these are questions worth asking, and that we will all be better for asking them. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions, too, as we proceed on this journey together.

About the Author

I am a thirty-something white woman from the South. I cut my teeth on pinto beans and cornbread and spent most of my childhood running around on various sports fields and reading books.

These days I work as an office peon by day but greatly enjoy the activities that occupy my free time. I am often found crafting culinary delights in the kitchen, memorizing salsa patterns on the dance floor, hiking in the woods, or relaxing in a cafe with a good book.