My journey to animated shorts began with the discovery of the French animated short “In Between” posted on a blog I follow witches can be right.

“In Between” is a short film centered on the protagonist’s struggle with her own shyness, which takes on the physical form of a strangely cuddly looking crocodile.

I watched the short several times and was, well, simply delighted by its artistry and simplicity. I suppose I enjoyed the short for many of the same reasons I enjoy poetry and editorial cartoons – the story was just a little bit, a small glimpse, a moment – but packed with so much.

I took to exploring the world of short films immediately and stumbled upon the site, Short of the Week, and found there a vast variety of shorts, many elaborated upon briefly by experts who pointed out significant details related to the creators’ biographies or their visual / storytelling techniques.

The visual style within the animated shorts varied by extremes, and I watched several, eventually discovering “Stairs to No End.”

The visual style of “Stairs to No End” is a striking collage effect of textured elements and images of real eyes. The storyline, advanced through the actions of a young female protagonist, addresses the action of questioning and goal of enlightenment within a context of fundamentalism.

Daniella Koffler, an Isreali filmmaker, drew inspiration for the story from the book Infidel by Ayan Hirsi Ali (one of many titles on my list to read).

I personally found the short visually arresting and beautiful. I hope you enjoy it.